Expected Cost when Hiring a Web Designer

These days hiring the right web designer for the job can prove to be somewhat complicated. There are a wide variety of different strategies and tactics that go into designing every webpage. With the ever-increasing technological advancements concerning website production and publishing, web designers must stay up to date with all the latest trends and technology in order to give customers what they demand.


So how much does a web designer cost? The answer to that question is a variable one. There is a different budget for everything from a simple website for a small business all the way up to a huge, high-tech website full of elaborate features designed for a large corporation. Let’s begin with the lowest cost design.

Small Private Online Business

For $500 or less any business can get a website designed that will cover the basics for a small business. In most instances this will be a very simple site typically not consisting of more than 5-10 different pages. It will likely have a home page, product or services page, company profile page, and a contact information page. There may be few other related pages also included like a place to leave your own info or comments. A site like this is for very small businesses who really only need an online location to provide simple information about the company and point web users toward their physical location with a need for only the basics of web exposure. Businesses wanting this type of site do most of their business at their physical location.

Small Size Retail Business

For $500-$1,000 a business can get a website with anywhere from ten to twenty five pages including some basic applications integrated into appropriate pages and the usual basic contact and profile page setup. There are usually also pages for representing a small number of products or services available .A site like this is typical among small businesses and startups that want a bit more publicity and are placing more focus on attracting visitors with hope of transforming them into customers.

Medium Size Business

Available for around $1,000-$3,000, any medium size business or organization can have a site professionally designed for increasing web exposure and boosting sales. More advanced operations like tracking sales and quality e-commerce can be obtained in this price range. There are more options for both the owner and customer. The type of design will also have the option of more advanced order placement and processing, content management system and some basic social media integration.

Large Retail Business

For large business, the $3,000-$15,000 level will deliver considerably better features like anytime live chat with customer service, advanced social media integration, order management and a delivery tracking system which allows customers to easily go to the site for finding information about the location of their package is in transit and when it will arrive. This is a great feature for avoiding any worry or confusion about a missing or lost item during delivery.

State of the art features like these allow high end sites to stand out from the rest when it comes to popularity and customer satisfaction.